Do you think that this is still going on? I would love to have the time, money and equipment to look into this subject more...
Still a great video about an amazing subject..

What is this??

What do you think this is? It has caused quite a bit of controversy over the past few weeks in the UFO scene.. Is it a bird? A plane? A drone?

Are there any experts out there that can measure speed against the terrain or use thermal heat to measure what it is?

What I would rather see is something up close... Say 100 yards.. Big, undeniable... Wouldn't you??

I will be on the KTPF Community Talk Show on Sunday the 18th of January at around 8:30pm. Go to and check out the rest of their great programming...
Let me posit an idea -

1.  There is something here, on Earth, that lies hidden, that some, or all  Authorities know about. They have known about them for many years. It could be underground in the Amazon Jungle, Undersea, under deserts or mountains...

2. MJ12 has grown from a small group to a larger, hidden Community Project, equipped with equipment we can only dream of that protects/combats/keeps secret this 'something' that is hidden.

3. We are being mis-directed with visions of 'looking out to Space' and 'They are Coming from another Galaxy/Planet'. Maybe who ever they are use this technique as well, to hide their actual location.

4. There is something going on in Earth orbit...maybe the meteors the public sees are not meteors at all...

Maybe we should start looking for answers here, not there...

There will be a 'real life' UFO story on the Haloween show of my free podcast from Derbyshire resident 'Jack' who sent his story about a boyhood encounter, with friends, with something amazing on a remote moor..
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Where did the Good Doctor Filipov go? Where is the UK Press on this story? It happened in 2009!! Stuff like this could change everything. There is a hidden `something` out there, I can feel it. 
Was he stopped by the `Powers that Be` ? So many questions - so little time...